Right Place, Right Time and the Humble Glory in Purpose

David All
2 min readJun 17, 2023


Like the Coho salmon returning to their birthplace after a vast journey in the ocean, I too find myself coming back to my roots in Washington, DC.

For these Coho, their purpose to return to Eagle Creek Ranch at this exact time, is clear. For them, their purpose is baked in to their DNA.

For me, and perhaps for you as well, purpose in life has been more opaque, less clear, and evolving as I grow. I believe it’s there from the beginning, and always possible and worthwhile to get back to.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

I left DC more than 10 years ago to discover more about what is inside of me.

My journey criss-crossed America several times. I got to hear all sorts of stories and put my talents to work in new ways. I met disappointment, defeat; shut down for no apparent reason; stories and ideas taken without acknowledgment or recognition. I brought people together, invented new ways to solve big problems, and took the time to observe and listen to what was around me — and bubbling up inside.

Life has taught me to trust intuition and embrace unwanted challenges faster. To rely on personal wisdom — and to know what I don’t know, and listen to advice of elders and notice the patterns in life.

Purpose can be as simple as a direction forward; trials of courage to recalibrate and stay true. Breaking through your own patterns to get up to that next level.

Like these salmon, I feel a similar humble glory in knowing that I’m back home and in the right place. Not much has changed — but everything has changed. And that’s a good feeling.



David All

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